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Take Action: Keep Exemptions for Birth Control Narrow - Oppose S. 2043

Anti-family planning members of Congress are continuing their assault on contraception. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) introduced S. 2043, “The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012,” which seeks to allow any employer to deny contraceptive coverage if it is against their religious or moral beliefs.

Women need and deserve access to contraception, regardless of where they work. Luckily President Obama agrees and in his contraceptive coverage policy, he maintained contraceptive coverage in health plans for all employees without co-pays or deductibles, essentially eliminating financial burdens on access to birth control. The President also created an accommodation for religious employers who oppose contraception. Now anti-family planning members like Senators Rubio and Manchin want to overturn this groundbreaking policy and allow any employer to block contraceptive coverage for their employees.
Tell your Senators to oppose S. 2043 and make sure all women have affordable access to birth control, regardless of where they work.