Wed, Jan 25, 2012
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Campaign to End Corporate Rule Conference Call

Time: 9:00 PM ET, 8:00 PM CT, 7:00 PM MT, 6:00 PM PT

Conference Call Number: (661) 673-8600, Access Code: 913770#

Please remember to hit *6 to mute your phone after you've announced yourself. Speaker phones, headphones, and VoIP systems all cause audio interference if your phone is not muted.

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1. Occupy the Courts and Resolutions in Support of a Constitutional Amendemnt to reverse the Supreme Court decision that corporations are people and money is speech - David Cobb, Move to Amend
2. Update on Occupy the Corporations and Occupy Movement generally
3. Update on Medicare Part D fix - Stephen Spitz, PDA, Co-Chair of Campaign to End Corporate Rule

The campaign serves to tie together PDA's issue work as we directly address the immediate issue of corporate influence in our democracy. This team is devoted to the development, implementation and administration of the Campaign to End Corporate Rule.

Contact  Stephen Spitz.

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Conference Call Number: (661) 673-8600, Access Code: 913770#

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